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MeccaFit is the all inclusive app for improving your health & fitness. 
Track your daily nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration and all other health parameters all in one app, while also syncing any data you have from a wearable device. 

 Whether you are an individual who wants to become healthier or you're a health & fitness coach looking for a platform to help your current clientele reach their goals, this is the app for you. 

Our platform can be accessed via your smartphone and web browser.
The most all inclusive Health & Fitness App
Pairs with your wearable. Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin.
Track your Nutrition, set Macro goals.
Set Goals and See progress
Record your activity

Track your health parameters

Set macronutrient goals to keep you accountable

Communicate with your coach

Sync your wearable devices to get real time data

Track your daily nutrition

Keep track of progress 

Membership Levels:
Our goal is to change the Health & Fitness Coaching Industry. 
Not only for individual use, we want to provide the best platform for coaches to help their clients, as well as provide an opportunity for employers to offer a Wellness service. 
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Health & Fitness Coaches

Take your coaching to the next level. Managing clients can be difficult, but not with the Asset App. 

Monitor client nutrition and activity.
Track client progress. 
Set Goals.
Seemless communication. 

Individual Use

Track your nutrition, monitor your activity, set personal goals, pair your wearable. Make Progress. 

Hire a Coach

Looking to take your health to the next level? Whether you want to loose weight, compete in a bodybuilding show, or just preform better, we've got a coach for you.

Corporate Wellness

Looking to offer a life changing opportunity for your employees? 

Asset Coaching is for everyone!

About Us

MeccaFit  App was founded by Eric Cafferty & Laura Pulkinen
 in Boise, Idaho in the pursuit to help more people lead healthier lives.

Eric Cafferty, MS, CPT:
Born and raised in Boise Idaho, Eric began competing in competitive sports from a very young age. In high school he began to devote the majority of his time to travel hockey as well as the weight room. Graduating high school a year yearly he began college to pursue a career in medicine. That all took a turn when he discovered competitive bodybuilding. Competing as a natural he won 5 teen titles in his first year competing. Along with attaining his bachelors of science in exercise physiology, bodybuilding opened the door to his passion for coaching. In 2015 after 7 years of coaching hundreds of successful physique athletes and powerlifters, he opened The Mecca Gym, a facility not only dedicated to improving public health and fitness but providing a facility suited toward coaching elite athletes, specifically physique athletes and competitive powerlifters. While his passion lies in individualized coaching, he has set out to advance elite level training and nutrition practices that can be utilized by anyone looking to improve their heath and fitness levels.

Laura Pulkinen, MS, CEP, CPT:
Laura moved to Idaho in 2017, she's originally from Minnesota. Having grown up in a family that taught her the importance of nutrition and exercise she was a 3 sport athlete and also has stepped on stage twice for competitive bodybuilding. She has been a certified personal trainer since 2012. In 2015 she obtained her Masters in Kinesiology, emphasis Exercise Physiology and pursed a career as a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist. After working 3 years in Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab as well as Lifestyle Medicine she decided to leave Healthcare and pursue growing a bridge between the medical and fitness world. 

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